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Touching on Drones

I had a very interesting question today from an individual curious about drone technology, specifically why drone technology and camera technology used difference transmissions for their wireless applications. The answer is relatively simple. Power. Drones use Radio frequencies to transmit between themselves and home base. Radio frequencies have some pretty lofty power requirements, and while […]

4K – What You Need To Know

There’s this “new” technology out there right now called 4K. The resolution itself has actually been out for quite a while, it simply hadn’t made it’s way into the public’s hands until very recently. In an earlier post we talked a little bit about camera quality, and how while many monitors and DVRs are capable […]

After the Egyptians

Once something is invented, it is inevitably adopted/captured/absorbed by other cultures. In the case of the Egyptians, the first (Historically provable) adoptee of their locking mechanism were the Greeks. Now, I’m gonna put this here for all those smartasses. Yes. Rocks and caves came before keys and locks. You win. Congratulations. No civilization will ever […]