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Yale vs Alarm Lock Grade 2

So. There’s this not-so-new guy back in town called Alarm Lock. We had a visit from a rep today with one of their grade 2’s in tow. There are a couple things about the DL2700 that I really like. There’s other things about the DL2700LD that I don’t like. I’m inclined to push it up […]

On the Move

Hard wiring a security system is always the most secure way to install an alarm. It is not always the most practical way. We, as a rule, always wire in a security alarm. Wireless, while reliable, saves very little in cost and the devices on wired tend to take less maintenance. However, there are quite […]

Resolution = Alula

Just a quick one today. Resolution, the designer and manufacturer of our Helix alarm system, has been combined with IPDatatel and rebranded as Alula. It’s a badly kept secret that the two have been looking for ways to merge since September 2017. For our end users, nothing really changes other than the name of the […]

Bluetooth in a Lock

So. I think our manufacturers missed a few… points. We have had a recently influx of blue tooth locks into our shop in the past couple of weeks. For those who don’t know, blue tooth locks are intended for short range operation and multi-user access. There are a couple of things about these types of […]