SAFEsystem – Next Generation Emergency Response

We all like a secure domicile. We just do. And we should. No one can tell you you shouldn’t have that, and it’s not paranoia to want it. Sturdy locks, alarm systems, steel clad doors… all designed to make getting into your property as hard as possible.

Problem; what about when you want to let someone in?

There are times when you need people to have access to you. No one knows this better than those whose job it is to provide assistance and support when you need it the most.

For years we’ve assisted First Responders by supplying lock boxes with secure keyways, installed on apartment buildings and condos. Those fire boxes contained the necessary access items for the building they were called to.


That’s what it is, folks. A surface mounted, aluminum box installed on a wall. The lock on the box is Medeco and highly secure, but the mounting to brick? Not so much. Because of the flat edges and it’s non-recessed installation, how hard this is to remove is only dictated by the size of your hammer. Once it’s off the wall, whatever is inside can be removed at your leisure.

It happens. It actually happens a lot. So much, in fact, that a new approach was needed.

Meet SAFESystem .

No one understands the need for a secured key vault better than the First Responders who rely on them. When a fire truck shows up to your residence, building, business, church… wherever they are called to… the fire fighters need to get inside. Searching perimeters and breaking in doors, while kinda cool to watch, is not good for your door or your insurance or your wallet or your time or your… you get the idea. They don’t like have to do that, and you don’t like that they have to.

To prove it, one of them went out and solved the problem;

That’s a SAFEsystem key vault.

Recessed and secured by an electronic Medeco key only your local fire department has access to, it takes hammers and vandalism out of the equation. This box will always be there, and emergency calls won’t result in delays and time wasting while responders try to find a way to NOT damage your building.

The functions aren’t limited to Emergency Response. While the Fire Department holds the only keys available for the system that controls access for the box shown above, non emergency services can also use these SAFEsystem key vaults in place of their own existing lockboxes.

Look, when you call for emergency response you need the responders to be able to get to you. There is one reliable way to do that. This is it.

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