Information for Existing Clients

If you have an existing alarm system:

It is important that you replace your back-up battery every 3-4 years.

Old batteries can corrode and leak, and in a power failure will not run the system very long. Your alarm system should be checked at least once a year by a qualified technician to ensure it is working properly and safely.

Make sure your system will work when you really need it to.

Arrange for us to come at least annually to inspect and test your alarm system. You can make arrangements by calling us at (519)578-6268, or click here to send us an email.

Are you considering changing your phone service?

Most alarm systems communicate to the monitoring station via your telephone line. It dials the monitoring station and when they connect, it sends the signals. If you change your phone service, your alarm system will be effected, and may no longer be able to connect to the monitoring station. Please call us if you are considering changing your telephone service provider.

Back-up your monitoring service

As mentioned above, most alarm systems rely on the phone line to get signals to the monitoring station. If your phone line goes dow for any reason such as line cut, phone company problems, pwer failures, etc., the signal will not get through unless you have a back-up. We can provide you with cellular back-up for your monitoring. If your phone line goes down, the signal will be transmitted wirelessly over the cellular network. There is an additional cost for the cellular transmitter and an additional monthly cost to cover the charges from the cellular providers. You can have added peace of mind knowing that there is a back-up in case your phone lines go down.

Have you re-arranged furniture, installed new curtains or done any renovations?

If so, something may have happened that will affect how your alarm system works. Make sure motion detectors or glassbreak detectors have not been covered or compromised in any way. If in doubt, call and ask us. An ounce of prevention……

Is your keyholder list up to date?

Does everyone know your password, your system number, and the monitoring station phone number in case they trip the alarm by mistake? This information is necessary in order to prevent a dispatch in the event of an alarm. Please call us to update your list or change your password.