Home Intercoms

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Home Radio-Intercom system were very popular in the ’80s and ’90s, but quickly dropped off in popularity after that. As high quality whole-house audio systems came onto the market they became the preferred music systems, and the need to call family members on the intercom was replaced by texting on cell phones.

We installed many Nutone intercom systems when they were popular. Nutone went out of business many years ago. At that point, M&S (Music and Sound) systems were about the only ones available. Nutone systems could be upgraded to M&S, but they were very expensive, and the quality was not what we considered acceptable.

If you have a Nutone intercom system and the master station is not working properly, we can refer you to a repair centre that can still repair them. You will need to remove the master station, ship it to them (in the Toronto area). Repairs are generally quite expensive, and removing and replacing the master station can be quite complicated.

For the most part, when the systems stop working, people are either removing the systems during renovations, or keeping them as wall decorations