Integrated Systems

Combining Alarm and Card Access

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 Simplify operation and maximize control of your security with a self- contained integrated burglar alarm/card access system.

integrated security system

  • Arm/disarm the system either at a keypad or with your card
  • Read your card at the door reader to unlock the door and disarm the alarm system
  • Find out who armed/disarmed and when from the 3000 event history record
  • Assign different access times to different people

 How about a Totally Automatic Smart Alarm System that you don’t have to arm or disarm!!

You have a large building with many employees who come and go at different times. When you leave, you’re not sure if you are the last person or not – do you arm the burglar alarm system? You don’t feel like walking around the whole building to see if anyone else is there, so you:

a) Arm the system and the person who IS still there trips the alarm when they move around, or

b) You don’t arm the alarm system, but you ARE the last person out, so the building remains unprotected all night.

… not with our Totally Automatic Smart Alarm System!!

  • Visitors can enter a designated door which automatically unlocks during business hours
  • At the end of business hours, the door locks, and the alarm system will detect any burglar breaking in through a door or window.
  • Authorized employees can come and go any time during their allowed access periods without tripping the alarm.
  • It’s the ultimate security alarm system you can forget about and always be secure. Call us for more information