Electronic Locks – Alula Communicators

The YRL and YRD Yale electronic locks have recently ended up on the shelves of the Big Box stores, making these locks the number one option for those doing home automation. And honestly, good for them.

For the record, we knew this was going to happen. We don’t know what will happen to the quality of the lock now that it is on a distribution line that big, but we do know that they have become easier to get. We can still install and program them for you, but as always when something ends up on a large chains shelves, the more specialized businesses begin to look for our next specialized product.

As I continue my own hunt for the next latest and great product in electronic locking mechanisms I’ll continue to update here. As always, I encourage all of our customers to always look for a backup mechanical key, and the back-lit, touchscreen pad. Note that you should also make sure the lock comes with the z-wave module installed if you are connecting to a home automation hub.

The US side of the Alula line of products has also added it’s LTE communicator to the growing line of dialer options for alarm systems. The 4G communicator is an upgrade only in transmission frequency, and existing 3G customers need not worry about the change. There is no plan in place to remove 3G from the airwaves.

The Canada roll out of the updated line is coming soon.

2G is as good as gone, however. If you still have an old 2G communicator in your home, prepare for complete shut down December 2019. Let us know if you still haven’t made the change or call us if you aren’t sure.

Oh, and by the way… 5G won’t fry your brains. It’s a myth. The radiation from cellular signals isn’t ionizing. If it were, we’d already be long dead.

Now you know!

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