WRP Response in 2020

We recently received word that the Waterloo Regional Police have been approved to move away their current registration model to what’s called a VARP model, VARP meaning Verified Alarm Response Program.

In the past, alarm system owners have had the option to pay a small fee to have their alarm registered with the WRP. Benefits included 1/2 cost false alarm response and, at one time, even faster response time.

That has now changed. Instead of the registration program, WRP is going toward a verified model. To receive police attention an alarm must be verified using one of the following methods;

  1. Video Recording
  2. Audio Recording
  3. Eye Witness
  4. Multiple Zone Activations

Video is already possible. Ask us about it.

Audio is a two way communication method we have the capability of doing. It allows vocal requests without the need for a phone call.

Eye Witness is pretty self explanatory, but includes anyone reporting a crime in progress or having occured.

Multiple zone activation is going to be the one that affects most people.

Multizone activation means that someone tripped the alarm coming into the home, and then set off another device as they sought the item they were inside to find. However, if they simply pop the door or come in through the window, the alarm is considered unverified unless you or one of your keyholders say otherwise and contact the police as a resident.

Multizone means, quite literally, two or more zones activated on a single alarm.

At any rate, anyone expecting that WRP registration invoice this year? It’s not coming. Instead false alarms now cost $170 per call with no annual fee. Anyone currently registered at the time of this writing will still pay $100 per call, escalated by repeat issues, but will not have the option to renew in 2020.

As always, let us know if you have any questions. We’re always ready to take your calls and answer the best we can.