Yet Another Reminder

I probably don’t need to remind anyone that anything that says free isn’t actually free. Goes without saying I think. Reality always is that if you can buy it outright, you should buy it outright, no matter what add-on features are being used to entice you.

We’re at the point now where we don’t even consider the companies advertising free install competition. I had a long time client actually bring a quoted system (non-alarm) in to the shop here. The pricing was actually kind of shockingly transparent.

He was offered;

A control panel, smoke detector, flood and sump for $70/m on a three year term. He’d done the math already, but I did my due diligence.

$70×36 = $2520 plus tax

When I priced out the same exact system done by us I ended up at just over $2050, which was approximately $750 upfront for the system and around $1300 for the monitoring over 3 years. Plus no contract, so he can cancel the monitoring anytime.

Guys, that’s FULL PRICE without haggling or price breaks.

And I shook my head. And he shook his head. And we chuckled.

I’m not saying there aren’t good deals out there. There are. None of them involve the word free in the mass marketing. In fact, selling that way is bordering on unethical especially when it comes to alarm systems.

If you can buy what you want upfront, buy it upfront. At least shop around. Let’s compare pricing and make sure you’re actually getting a deal.

And FYI, if you can’t afford to buy it right away, most dealers have the option to pay for a system over a one year period. We do. Just ask.

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