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If you thought your mental wellness was being tested in your house, imagine the wellness of those in a more confined space.

We’ve got calls coming in from all angles, but none seem more pressing that the perimeter security of the apartment buildings in the Region. More and more, damaged entry and exit hardware is keeping our locksmiths on their toes.

Let’s be clear; it’s not all tenants. In fact, it’s not even most tenants. More often than not it’s one or two already borderline residents who simply don’t feel the need to acknowledge the need for security on the building they live in.

As landlords work to keep their tenants secure and fulfill their obligations as caretakers, we’ve needed to upgrade the more basic locking mechanisms to middling or even high end security.

The vast majority of buildings have exit paddles on the inside of their exterior doors. While effective, they aren’t durable enough to take a large amount of punishment. That’s not to say they’re fragile; it’s that they aren’t designed to be beat on to the level we’re seeing.

Paddles are used as a cheaper alternative to panic bars, mainly due to cost. Panic bars are designed to take a massive beating before failing, and they carry the price tag to prove it.

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They are, however, the solution to consistently broken exit hardware.

Apartment buildings have always presented issues homes do not. The sheer amount of people living in a building brings a diversity of personality that is impossible to overcome. Trying to live in harmony within that larger group of tenants isn’t as easy as it sounds.

As a result, we’ve been installing and servicing both intercoms and access control systems in apartment buildings to both limit access and increase transparency on who is entering the building, and when. Coupled with a camera system, these set ups provide a very effective level of security for your tenants and your building.

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