Creating Space – Securing Bubbles

I’ll be honest; I’m getting a little tired of all this personal space I’m getting.

I never thought I’d miss those shoulder-to-shoulder crowds at concerts, or restaurants. I want desperately to go the grocery store and fight for my place in line with some 80 year old who is oddly aggressive with her cart. I kind of mess running into a crowded area with my elbows out creating that space while hoping I didn’t run into someone bigger.

Most of all, I miss the screaming of an angry child trying to shame his parents into that second box of oreos. That child is learning how to be a politician, and stopping him from learning how to shame people is only going to harm his chances to be Prime Minister. I kind of half hope he’ll succeed in his attempt to manipulate his care takers.

That means he’s ready.

Am I joking? I don’t know anymore. My brain has gone to some pretty weird places this past year. It’s one of the reasons I revived the blog. I know I no longer fully mean everything I say, but I also know not to admit what I do mean because… why?

I swear; if we answered questions about security the way politicians answer questions about the pandemic, we’d be out of business. I have NEVER said “Oh you don’t like all the false alarms? Don’t be stupid then”. Have I meant that before? Yes. Did you know I meant that? Yes, because you’re not dumb, and you’re not a child.

You know what I love about customer service in security, though? The random help requests. You can go from trying to nail down the origin of a break in to helping someone find the recording of a raccoon damaging his lawn.

I should mention, that raccoon was used for insurance purposes so it wasn’t just a frivolous wildlife study. Those things you think you’ll never need, right?

We’ve been securing these the habitat bubbles we all have for over 40 years, and it’s never been so apparent just how different the security needs are from client to client.

We have people staying home who just want to be sure they don’t have to worry about open doors and windows. Others are still working full time and want to make sure a bored neighbor doesn’t take liberties with their property. Still others are new owners and are adding insurance benefits to their new home. Damage to cars and troublesome kids definitely drive security more now than they once did.

The talk about divorces has begun to fall off though. I’d like to think it’s because couples are becoming accustomed to being around each other more. Evidently, being a bookkeeper for a security company comes with the added responsibility of boredom reliever for clients stuck looking at the same dumb faces all day long.

You know what though? I feel for you guys, and loved the role. Still do. You wanna call in and have it out? Just do it.

In the meantime, we’re still here. Let’s talk about your security. Go to or H&B Security Centre | Facebook and contact us.


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