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Touching on Drones

I had a very interesting question today from an individual curious about drone technology, specifically why drone technology and camera technology used difference transmissions for their wireless applications. The answer is relatively simple. Power. Drones use Radio frequencies to transmit between themselves and home base. Radio frequencies have some pretty lofty power requirements, and while […]

4K – What You Need To Know

There’s this “new” technology out there right now called 4K. The resolution itself has actually been out for quite a while, it simply hadn’t made it’s way into the public’s hands until very recently. In an earlier post we talked a little bit about camera quality, and how while many monitors and DVRs are capable […]

dome camera with infra red

Cameras – Apple, Meet Lemon

Ok. Cameras. I get it. Here ya go. This is a camera; Also a camera; This is a camera as well; These are just 3 of the ones we’ve installed. If you google “surveillance system” you’ll get millions of results that all look different and really, if compared apples to apples, do the exact same […]

Security for All

Welcome to the KW Region, where we all look like this; Because we dream about this; Or something like it, at least. Kitchener Waterloo Region has become a hub for all things business. Big conglomerates, small smart ups, single proprietors and big corporations are all finding exactly what they need right here is Kitchener Waterloo. […]


The Power of Surveillance

First of all, I’d like to personally thank the individual who claimed he’d “had his phone stolen” and demanded I empty my pockets behind our shop today. I’ve been struggling with how to write this article, and not only did you provide the inspiration for it to be written, but the content I need to […]