Grade 1. Where the Chrome Is.

Blog posts get a lot of Viagra “ad comments”. You don’t see them. They get deleted. You aren’t here looking for that, and if you are I can’t help you. There is nothing about that product that is relevant to what we try to address here.

Or is there???


By now you’ve seen our video on the Yale deadbolt. I love that thing. There aren’t many locks I’m comfortable putting a $425 price tag on, but that is one of them. And it’s lever counterpart is just as good.

There’s nothing limp about that bolt. The Grade 2 designation, plus it’s electronic features make it well worth the price. And it’s smooth. So smooth….

Ahem. Moving on.

I recently had a rep from one of our suppliers bring in a Schlage Grade 1 mortise, meant to be used as a commercial solution.

It blows me away how many suppliers still use off-site programming as a selling point, and here’s why;

EVERYTHING WORTH BUYING HAS SOME KIND OF OFF-SITE CONTROL NOW. Everything. In fact, if it doesn’t have it it won’t sell. Period.

But he didn’t sell me. The lock did. ‘Cause it’s a beast.

LE Networked Wireless Mortise Lock

It has a card reader and a key backup. On the same part. Controlling the same cassette. And it’s gorgeous. There’s no code, so there’s no code sharing, and should someone lose a fob they have to let you know. Because they can’t get in if they don’t have one.


The cards mean you have audit trail. We Love Audit Trail, and so do you. Yes. We know. Plus you love not leaving all your employees with keys. We know that too.

That’s not enough to get you interested, and it’s not meant to be. We are looking into it though, as a solution for wireless access control, and will be happy to talk about it if you want to know more.

Here’s what we know;

  1. Can be programmed from one database
  2. Capable of partitioning
  3. CHROME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. MORE CHROME!!!!!!

And at this point that’s really it. The cassette the lock works with is like most other strikes. We’re not aware of any slim versions, which means the type of doors these go in will also be pretty proprietary. Most glass aluminium doors won’t be able to fit these on their frames.

And that’s fine. It’s not like there is no other solution to card access. Just ask.

And there you have it. The reason this site doesn’t need a little blue pill. You’re welcome.

If you are looking into card access for your business give us a call. Whether you can run wires or not, no matter how many doors it is, we can work something out.



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