Local – Cause it’s relevant

So. There’s a Tesla in space. In case, you know, you missed it.

Also, the Olympics start tomorrow. Pretty sure you didn’t know that either.

F1 has eliminated grid girls from their races. Yep. News.

Logan Paul is back on the internet. Cause he’s sorry.

Oh. And The Ion. Debate.

If we’re anything alike, and I’m gonna say we probably are, we get a beyond insane amount of news from every direction. Most of it is irrelevant. Some of it is relevant. All of it brought to you by outlets around the globe.

If you’re reading this anywhere in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, I bet there is only one of those stories that resonates with you. Let me guess which one.

  1. Tesla in space
  2. Olympics
  3. F1
  4. Logan Paul
  5. The Ion

It’s number 5 isn’t it? I bet it is.

Cutting the crap, those trains will be up and running relatively soon. We have felt the impact the construction had on the region through our customers. We’ve heard about it, and we’ve done our best to accommodate those really feeling the strain.

Downtown Waterloo. Good grief. You guys need a high five for sticking it out, and a pat on the back for making yourself heard. Pretty strong core no?

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