On the Move

Hard wiring a security system is always the most secure way to install an alarm. It is not always the most practical way.

We, as a rule, always wire in a security alarm. Wireless, while reliable, saves very little in cost and the devices on wired tend to take less maintenance.

However, there are quite a few circumstances where wired doesn’t make sense, and it’s not only when the wire can’t be run.

For those of you who need to be able to pick up and move quickly, a wireless alarm makes way more sense than wired. Being able to take the devices down quickly, and install them in their new locations easily, is essential to those who move around a lot.

Renters often can’t run wires in their property. It’s not allowed. Wireless devices are their only solution.

Old and finished homes with expansions built on them often need at least some wireless devices. At times it makes more sense to go entirely wireless.

There is way more to the decision of using wireless over wired than just “Can we get a wire there”. Sometimes it does’t matter. Wireless is our best, and sometimes only, option to help solve your security issue.

Yes, wireless has it’s own issues, but the systems we use to make those connections is designed as securely as it can be without being wired.

Don’t be shy. Tell us your application. We have a solution.

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