Probably Never Happen – Really

There are some things you just can’t plan for.

Some things should really be replaced.

Some people really want in.

And dumb will be dumb.

Inevitably, stuff happens. When setting up security, it’s really up to you to decide how much protection you need, and what you think you need to protect against.

If someone asks me what to install to protect against a shark crashing into a roof, I’d suggest;

They’d have to acquire and install it themselves, but certainly flying sharks would no longer be a problem.

Making sure half a house is safe to live in? You need this;

It’s enough. Probably.

That back door is in rough shape. Should be replaced with this;

Just my opinion.

And no one can bend your garage door if they’re too scared to approach it;


Sometimes we overthink things. Sometimes there is nothing we can do. Sometimes the extremes happen to us.

Sometimes the answers are obvious. Sometimes it’s actually not your fault and you really can’t fix it.

Most of the time, we can help. Tell us your concerns, we’ll do our best to find your solution. Of course, you may need anti-air installed on your roof. In that case, we can’t help. Not that we won’t try.

Give us a shout.


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