RE920-Upgrade without Upgrading

So you have this 20 year old beast of an alarm system in your home. In twenty years you’ve had one service call, one false alarm, and you are so familiar with the system you probably know it better than the installing company does.

In fact, you’ve probably been approached by the installing company or one of it’s competitors about one hundred billion times telling you it’s time to upgrade. After all, no one makes parts for the system anymore, and providing service is getting more and more difficult.

We know. We hear it all the time. We’ve maintained a laundry list of old and out-of-production alarm systems we can and do service.

Our policy? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

If anyone ever tells you you need to upgrade or change your alarm equipment to stay up to date with the latest offerings from the home security field, you can officially tell them you know better.

K. So. That was way more serious than I’d like. Time for balance;

This is us laughing at alarm upgrades for features. You don’t need to upgrade. You need an RE920.


So let’s introduce it;

What is it?

It’s a communication module. Duh.

What does it do?

That’s the better question. In an nutshell, the RE920 takes your old alarm system and gives it functions it didn’t have before.


So the list looks like this;

  1. Adds smartphone operation
  2. Adds Z-Wave based Home Automation

That list isn’t very long

Never said it was. Did I say that?

I guess not…

Nope. It’s not me who said new features were plentiful on alarm systems. THAT was our competitors. You know, the ones telling you the only way to get the new stuff is to get new stuff.

OMG. You’re right. 

We know. There are actually only 3 reasons to upgrade your existing alarm system that make any sense;

  1. The system has begun to look old and no longer fits your vision for your home
  2. The main panel or keypad for the alarm system is too old to be compatible with anything anymore (usually 20+ years)
  3. Weird thing certain alarm manufacturers do, like proprietary devices very few like using…

Ok. So there are more reasons than that, but those are three most common that we see. Most everything else is fixable without a complete overhaul.

But what about…

Hold on, let me finish.

The RE920s main attraction is it’s ability to translate an old system into a home automation hub, as well as give you complete control of your Z-wave home automation from your smart devices. But let’s go one step futher. For those who are currently monitored be it through GSM or IP module, take a good look. This is your step up.

Wait what?

RE920 IS a cellular and/or internet monitoring device on top of it’s ability to translate your alarm panel.

Yep. You can monitor using this, on top of being back up to date on all things alarm technology.

But at what price?

Same as you’re paying now, if you’re IP or GSM monitored.

As mentioned earlier, though, not all panels are compatible with the RE920. To know which are, check out the link to resolution’s specification on our facebook page, or call us. Or email us. Or come in.

Or leave a comment. Or… heck you know where we are .





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