The Power of Surveillance

First of all, I’d like to personally thank the individual who claimed he’d “had his phone stolen” and demanded I empty my pockets behind our shop today. I’ve been struggling with how to write this article, and not only did you provide the inspiration for it to be written, but the content I need to back this article up.

This is the “Why Get Surveillance” article I needed that personal touch to finish.

So. Let us begin.

Not everyone is always in their right mind, and not always will they make decisions that benefit them in any way shape or form. Sometimes they will even attempt to take the law into their own hands, or do something that makes sense only to them…and only in that moment. I am of the full opinion that what happened this morning was a total case of panic by an individual who normally makes better decisions than this.

It happens. It was weird, and a little insulting, but it happens.

Apparently behind our shop somewhere a phone was either lost or stolen. The individual missing the phone was, understandably, upset with the situation. While he was looking, I took my break out behind the building.

What I was not expecting was to have him approach me, asking escalatingly accusatory questions, then demand I empty my pockets.

There is this thing called Empty pockets robbery (link to a incident in North Bay). I have no idea whether this was his intention or not, but knowing the cameras were in place, I used this to make him go away and sufficiently warn him that he was being recorded.

Reminder; Unless you are a police officer, you cannot do this. Ever. To anyone. No one has to empty their pockets for you.

Unsurprisingly he did not immediately back down, but his better judgement did prevail letting me leave without incident. I credit the majority of that to the camera systems coverage and his knowledge of it’s existence.

I have no idea what his actual intentions were, or if he had even actually lost his phone. Intimidating someone into doing what you want them to is common, and using an excuse to approach them is also more than common.

We’re pretty used to people coming and going in the parking lot. It’s not uncommon to have a number of cars come in and out, or even to catch the odd person going through our garbage. Our cameras catch all of that. Some of the things we catch are funny, some are odd, some are potentially dangerous. All of them are recorded for posterity, and backed up for security.

+1 for Surveillance

The great thing about having a surveillance system is that they record any and all movement within their view. In a lot of cases, there is no better witness to events than a surveillance system, simply because the images they record cannot be polluted by biased or convenient memory. What you see is what you get.

What this means is that, as an owner of a camera system, you have full video record you can use to make sure your property is secure, and that the records of the incidents you are reporting are fully covered and indisputable.

Surveillance also adds that second-guessing element. It’s much harder to do something to someone anonymously when you are on video.

We Catch the Unexpected

You expect the expected. That’s why it’s expected. What you can never expect is the unexpected.

Often enough, businesses and individuals don’t know they need security until they didn’t have it when they needed it. They don’t expect to be broken into, harassed assaulted or pushed.

If I hadn’t had the cameras today, that unexpected incident could have gone very, very different. And likely would have.

If You Would Like to See What Cameras Can Do For You;

Feel free to come in. All footage is stored and we can give you some great examples of cameras and how they can keep you safe.

You never know.


P.S. I hope you found your cellphone. You certainly gave me what I needed. 

P.S.S. I know it was hard to walk away. It was for me. But be grateful for the surveillance. It probably saved both of us a lot of trouble. 

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