Security Lite

So last night, knowing this was going up today, was an interesting experience.

H&B Security has been around since 1980. The number of hands involved in making this company successful is innumerable. Some of those hands are still with us, some have passed or moved on to other opportunities. All of them have left a lasting impression.

What that means is that this company has been in operation since I was in diapers. Yet here I am working, and more intimidatingly writing, for a company that could run circles around my own personal alarm system knowledge.

No pressure.

A Little About Me

You can call me Adam, and you can look at me here . I have a dog, two kids, and a job. I’m also responsible for all things social media for H&B Security. So if you have an idea, or a comment to make, leave it either on this page or


The Goal

Security is a button down business…. says all those who know little about the industry. Said me before I came back on full time 6 years ago.

It’s a Myth. Trust me.

Look. If you’re coming to us for an alarm, surveillance, locks or keys or whatever it is, it’s generally because something has caused you discomfort. Our goal is to dispel that discomfort and make you feel as secure as possible. We’re good at what we do. Thousands of satisfied and secure customers have made sure that we stay that way.

What to Expect On This Page

We’re not gonna spend alot of time on technical garble here. The rest of our webpage contains all the technical stats and knowledge you’ll ever need, plus we have the technicians who can answer questions most technicians won’t have answers to. I don’t need to go there.

Believe it or not, most of my own questions are answered by them.

No. We’re going to help you understand without overwhelming you with tech. And if you have questions, we’re going to answer those on a level you’re comfortable with. We’ll dive into history, check out products and recall installs gone both delightfully right and horribly wrong.

Plus. We’ll add pictures. I’m a horrible artist. This is probably going to suck for me.

Comments down below, questions and Facebook link to the right. Guess we start from here.