Panic – You’re Not Alone

I received a firm reminder this weekend on how important it is for someone to feel secure. Anything can happen, and sometimes protection is required.

Not all home situations require police support. Sometimes a quick text or email can make us feel better. Other times having someone visit is enough. But when things get really dicey support may be called for. And we have ways of getting it to you.


This is a panic pendant. This is to be worn around the neck so it’s never too far away to use.

It’s a reminder, again, that alarm systems are not just meant for burglars. They are for home emergencies of any type.

Ask us about these when you get quoted. Remember, it’s not just home invasions that can cause instant distress. These buttons will call anyone you ask us to set up for you using your alarm panel, and make sure you get the help you need as fast as we can provide it.


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