Service Is King

We’ve been around since the early eighties. I think we’ve beaten that to death. There are times I get tired of hearing it to so I promise you… I will try to not belabour the point too much from here out.

Except for right now.

Customer Service is an ever changing sector in businesses, because people and their needs are ever changing, but three things will always remain constant. A successful business has to;

  1. Keep up with technology
  2. Learn and implement technology effectively
  3. Simplify instructions to train the end-user in the use of said technology 

This is why we have an entire sector dedicated to finding and researching any new products being offered, and defining their possible applications. That said, it’s not our ability to absorb and understand new technology that we pride ourselves on; it’s our ability to present and explain it to our audience in a way that they understand. 

 to in one quick conversation.

Our customer base is diverse, ranging across both start-up and well established businesses. Some of our clients are technology based. Some are… not. All of them need the same thing; an open line of communication to someone who understands their security needs, and has or can get the products that will fill those needs.

Something I hear regularly from technicians both in our field and others is that becoming harder and harder to communicate effectively with our clients.

I want to be clear. This is not the consumers fault. Not by any stretch. In fact, this is one of the reasons we started this space.

Technology itself suffers from a phenomenon called “techno-speak” (TS). Techno-speak is a collection of terms and references used by technicians to describe some form of technology to other technicians. What we have found over the past 3 decades is that technicians, or the technically inclined, fall into a trap where they start using TS with the less technically inclined.

What this means is that, occasionally, a customer or potential client will come away more confused than they were before the communication. Or they will believe they are getting something they aren’t, actually, getting.

…. or an FTC in techno-speak.

That’s what this space is designed to help with. Here, on this blog, our web page, and our Facebook page, we will take the TS and turn it into meaningful language. We see this as customer service, and a line of communication we owe it to you to have.

If you aren’t sure, or are curious about something you’ve seen, we can help you separate from the chaff and make a decision that will best fill your needs. It’s part of our customer service experience, and it’s part of our role in your community.

You know where to reach us. Next we’ll get back to one of the most interesting introduction to your home electronics we’ve seen in a long time. The Helix and It’s Extended Family.

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